Pineapple vegetarian dipping sauce

Trademark: Phan Thiet Mui Ne Fish Sauce
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Price: 100,000đ
Volume: 310ml
glass bottles


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Achieved the standards of HACCP, ISO 22000 - 2007 TCVN, FDA.. Achieved the title of high quality Vietnamese goods voted by consumers in 2017 - 2018. Achieved quality in accordance with TCVN 5107: 2018. Received by domestic and international customers used abroad regularly. Traditional high-class fish sauce suchi brand of Phan Thiet Mui Ne Fish Sauce Processing and Export Joint Stock Company Products are currently being exported to the Korean and American markets... Quantity:
FRESH VEGENERAL VEGENERAL GROUNDATION is distilled from fresh aromatic fruits, salty salt seeds of Phan Thiet Mui Ne sea area combined with traditional fermentation methods and closed production process on advanced technology lines, creating We have created a line of vegetarian dipping sauces derived from nature that bring a DELICIOUS flavor to each wash. In addition, Qua Thom vegetarian sauce - Phan Thiet Mui Ne is recognized by the Ministry of Health to meet international standards of HACCP, ensuring the health of consumers.
How is Quam Thom vegetarian dipping sauce produced?
With the traditional (traditional) fermentation method, using the main source of raw materials is fresh pineapple, which has been preliminarily processed and mixed with the right salt ratio. The process of pulling the island continuously to produce a quality vegetarian dipping sauce.
Next, the dipping sauce is produced on a modern technological line to produce the best quality FRESH VEGETABLE DIET.
Qua Thom vegetarian dipping sauce before being sold as finished products will have to go through one more step that is pasteurization. The modern pasteurization heating system of Phan Thiet Mui Ne will kill microorganisms to help the finished product be pasteurized, keep color, and taste. The vegetarian dipping sauce is poured hot again and transferred to the automatic bottling and filling line to ensure food hygiene and safety for consumers.
Vegetarian dipping sauce products are packaged in glass bottles that are both beautiful and luxurious and ensure food hygiene and safety.
Since ancient times, vegetarianism has always meant good and is becoming more and more popular. Because vegetarian dishes are inherently cold, when eaten, they not only help us to be easily digested, but also bring a healthy and light body. Phan Thiet Mui Ne Vegetarian Sauce products have their own unique flavor for diners with excellent quality that is not available anywhere else!
Tam An Delicious Vegetarian Sauce 310ml is made from completely natural ingredients. According to modern and closed processing process. The ingredients are grown according to organic methods to bring safety to users.
With the traditional fermentation method, using the right source of ingredients, combined with the continuous towing process to produce a quality vegetarian dipping sauce.
Just a little fish sauce you can mix into many different sauces or increase the savory taste of the dish.
Modern production process creates quality products, prestige and gain trust from consumers with outstanding quality.
For the dish to turn out to be outstandingly delicious with the spread, blending, the flavor of the dish is more bold and attractive.
Meet food safety standards.
High quality vegetarian product, rich in nutrients from extracts.
User manual
Used to dip directly with food or add garlic, chili and mix to suit each person's taste or as a seasoning for marinating, marinating, frying, stir-frying, cooking,
Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, close the lid tightly after use.